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Referee technology may have a future in sports

London, May 17 (ANI): The idea of using technology on field may not go down well with many referees but recent studies have shown that expert tools can not only help in making the right judgment calls but could even completely take over the task.

According to Jason William Harding, a snowboarder and sport scientist at the Australian Institute of Sport, and his colleagues, it was possible for technology to carry out most of the job of a human judge.

The team based their study on how a computer could umpire a subjectively judged half-pipe snowboard competition, reports the New Scientist.

The experts found that it was possible that technology could help lend a helping hand in analysis even without being custom made.

But yet only a handful associated with the sport were in favour of introducing mechanical decision makers, fearing refereeing technology would bring about unintended negative consequences.

Harding’s team chalked out the advantages to using advanced technology, which could not only help enforce rules, but also put a limit to the scope for corrupt officials to influence a game. (ANI)

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