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Preity Zinta makes a statement

IPL Twenty20

The inauguration of the Indian Premier League in the third season was a razzmatazz that was supposed to enthrall the audience the world over and therefore it was planned in a manner to include primarily performances having a western orientation. The western orientation was reflected in the choice of the performers, as also the kind of performances that were done in the inaugural function. The idea was also to appeal to the youth of the country who is more attuned to the western sense of cultural connotations. But in all the razzmatazz one thing sorely missing was an Indian performance that underlined the ethos of Indian culture. When one compares this with the inauguration program of the IPL in the second season at South Africa, it was a show that was permeated with the entire flavor showcasing the local culture.

But in the entire razzmatazz of the show done in India, the local culture was missing. It was indeed a platform that could have been utilized to promote synthesis of local and the world culture. After all, we are the masters of fusion and synthesis, and something out of the world could have been created that would have showcased to the world our rich cultural tradition. The opportunity has been lost however. But their still is hope, and once again one harks back to the IPL in South Africa in the second season. The cheerleaders in South Africa portrayed the cultural ethos of South Africa, not falling into the trap assembly line cheerleaders, a product of the American football system. Incidentally, in the match between Chennai Super Kings and Deccan Chargers, for a short while between the cheer leaders one found an Indian dancer grooving to the beat of Shiv Mani’s thumping music, a typical Chennai flavor that made the audience go mad in their seats.

In such a scenario one needs to applaud Preity Zinta, the owner of Kings XI Punjab, who appeared in a typically Punjabi attire in the inaugural match between her team and the Delhi Daredevils thereby sending a very clear message that it indeed is a platform that should be used to show case and promote local traditions and cultures in a big way. After all, when a team is reflecting a regional flavor, the team owners also ought to reflect it in their attires as well.

Would then, can one expect to see Shah Rukh Khan the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders in a Bengali attire in the next match when he makes his appearance?

By: Suman Rai

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