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PCB ‘restructuring’ shows 250 of its 544 employees redundant !

Lahore, May 26 (ANI):  The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) may sack 250 of its employees out of the 544 employed by it at present.

The PCB officials said the lay-off is being carried out to cut expenses and restructure the organization.

“At present we have around 544 employees in the board and the idea is to cut the expenses of the board which means we will be laying off some employees,” said PCB chief operating officer Salim Altaf.

Now, the big question is that if the PCB could do with half of the staff employed by it currently, then what was the need of keeping them on board till now?

It almost seems to imply that almost half of the PCB staff is redundant, and had no work.

According to the Daily Times, the restructuring comes after Sports Minister Aftab Shah Jillani complained to PCB’s patron President Asif Ali Zardari, that the board’s chairman Ijaz Butt was not restructuring it despite being instructed to do so by higher authorities. (ANI)

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