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New communication companies creating brand identity

IPL Twenty20

IPL Twenty20

One of the singular achievements of the IPL has been that the communication companies that were on the fringe have chosen the platform of IPL to create awareness about their brand in a big way and they could not have got a much better platform to do so.

When the government banned the Chinese mobiles that did not have the sixteen digits IMIE numbers, it led to proliferation of numerous Indian mobile companies that are majorly using the Chinese equipments. There effort to create awareness about the products was not coordinated till the advent of the IPL in the third season.

Now the strategic time out during the matches is known as the Maxx mobile time out moment, there is a Karbon kamaal catch or even Aircel, which was a service provider, has stepped into the handset category using its brand ambassador Mahinder Singh Dhoni to market the new initiative.

IPL after all is a programme that is based on the initiative to communicate and what better way to do it, than use the platform of IPL! So we have an Akshay Kumar who is so engrossed in playing the game that he spills over whole of the kitchen but continues to be hooked to the handset.

Samsung that underwent deconstruction and came up with a cheap handset, a distinguishing feature of all these new initiatives is that the handsets are being positioned as devices for mass consumption and are not targeted towards the elite category, came up with the recent campaign featuring Aamir harping on the son-mother relationship and it has indeed touched the chord of the viewers somewhere.

With Karishma Kapoor stepping into the arena with her campaign for new Sony Ericsson handset the campaign during the IPL matches would indeed get its dosage of glamour as well, as it is only the quotient that is lacking from the campaigns so far.

As India is gravitating to a platform where mobile handsets are being positioned as the device for all kind of development initiatives, mobile markets more so the handset markets is going to experience a major boom in coming months. The process of creation of awareness would not have been done in any better manner than by using the platform of IPL as the various manufacturers do it. Communication is no more going to be the stumbling block in the process of development and entertainment.

By: Suman Rai

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