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Murray’s mom very demonstrative in supporting him

London, July 3 (ANI): Andy Murray’s mother, Judy, says that she is very supportive when she is on court to watch her son play, that she ends up being quite exhausted at the end.

A boisterous reception awaits Murray at home whether or not he becomes the first British man for 71 years to reach a Wimbledon final.

As Judy says, everyone in the family is important to her player son, including his collie Maggie.

Murray is staying with her son, his girlfriend, Kim Sears, and Maggie the dog, who is named after Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May”.

“We actually have a lot of family around – his dad, his granny and grandpa, his uncles and aunts are all here – but they’re not staying in the house. The best thing for him is that being in the house he doesn’t have to worry about anything. Between Kim and I we can cover everything, eating-wise, washing-wise and the rest of it,” The Sun quoted Judy, as saying.

Judy, who has also been doing radio commentaries for the BBC at Wimbledon, is used to getting roped in to help with domestic chores, having spent many an evening at tournaments washing tennis shirts.

“You just keep on top of what needs to be done. He actually throws a lot of his stuff away to the crowd. I’ve said to him: ‘Be careful with the match shirts, you’ve only got about six new ones left!’ ”

Had she been reminding him to shave and keep up his clean-cut image? “No, because there’s no point getting on his case about anything this week. So long as he’s chilled it’s fine.”

“I put a lot of emotion into my supporting. It’s just the way that I am. It means I’m always shattered at the end of a tight match,” she said. (ANI)

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