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Michael Clarke performs domestic chores upon reunion with Bingle after 79 days

Melbourne, May 6 (ANI): Aussie cricketer Michael Clarke swapped his bat and pads for domestic chores with fiancee Lara Bingle in their new Bondi penthouse, hours after returning from the Middle East, where he led Australia to a brilliant one-day series win over Pakistan.

It was 79 days since he last saw Bingle, who was overjoyed to pick him up in a black 4WD to whisk him away to their new Bondi penthouse.

The cricketer was seen cleaning the balcony of his new swanky penthouse, and setting up a litter tray and kennel for the couple’s pet boxer.

Clarke was wearing his Australian cricket tracksuit pants at the time, reports the Daily Telegraph.

He continued re-arranging the terrace of his new 6 million-dollar pad in windy conditions as Bingle looked on.

Clark bought the Bondi home after he put his Lilli Pilly mansion, worth more than three million dollars, on the market earlier this year.

According to the paper, he was allowed to return home four days earlier than his teammates to spend time with Bingle and family, before he heads back overseas in two weeks for the Twenty/20 World Cup and Ashes series.

A source told the paper that Clark was delighted to be home because he had not seen Bingle in 79 days, and spent more than 220 days of the past year playing cricket in either the West Indies, India, South Africa and the Middle East. (ANI)

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