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Liverpool star Torres marries childhood sweetheart in front of two guests

Madrid (Spain), May 29 (ANI): Footballers’ weddings are usually star-studded showy affairs with mega-bucks magazine deals to match.

Therefore, it came as a surprise when Liverpool soccer star Fernando Torres married his childhood sweetheart Olalla Dominguez in a secret ceremony with just two guests.

According to The Mirror, Torres, 24, snuck off to the tiny El Escorial town hall north of Madrid for a low-key ceremony conducted by a local councillor.

It was a far cry from the lavish celebrations preferred by the Beckhams, Rooneys and Coles.

A source said: “It was hardly a ceremony fit for a superstar. It was small and romantic, but there was nothing glam about the day at all.”

The couple, together eight years, decided to tie the knot last Wednesday before Olalla, 23, who is seven months pregnant, gives birth.

She is not your typical Wag, preferring to stay out of the limelight while she studies at the Spanish equivalent of the Open University.

She said last year: “Fernando is very shy and a very good person. He is the man of my life.” (ANI)

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