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Italy’s Gattuso says Ancelotti will be tough but good for Chelsea

London, June 2 (ANI): Italian defender Gennaro Gattuso insists Chelsea have hit the jackpot by appointing Carlo Ancelotti as their next coach.
Gattuso has played under Ancelotti for eight trophy-packed seasons at A C Milan and he is convinced Ancelotti will have no trouble adapting to the Premier League.

“If there are any attitudes that do not fit in with his way of thinking at Chelsea, they will learn very quickly they need to change that attitude. In England, Alex Ferguson is famous for his treatment in the dressing room when things are not as he wants, and the same is true with Carlo. When he is not happy, you will know about it,” The Sun  quoted Gattuso, as saying.
“He does not act that way to try to be a big man or because he likes the sound of his own voice. He does it because he knows it is for the good of the team,” he added.
“Ferguson and Carlo are two of the most successful managers in the world, so it proves their methods are right. With Carlo, the players are under no doubt who is boss,” Gattuso said. (ANI)

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