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India best bet to retain 20-20 World Cup, says UK paper

London, June 5 (ANI): India are hot favourites to retain the Twenty20 World Cup 2009 title, though they can expect to be pushed to the wire by South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Pakistan, reports The Independent.

An England victory would defy logic, says the paper.

The tournament is short and sharp, which is (or was) the whole point of T20. It is being played at three venues, Lord’s, The Oval and Trent Bridge and will finish on 21 June, 16 days after its start.

According to the paper, the world’s top players will parade an array of skills which even five years ago were unthinkable.

Batsmen will take outrageous risks and come up with strokes of breathtaking virtuosity that won’t be in a coaching manual. Bowlers will have to try to stem the flood or drown.

England, the host nation appears to be making their contribution to the preservation of wicketkeeping. James Foster, not considered for the Test team for seven years largely because his batting is perceived to be too fragile, has been picked because of his immaculate keeping and his ability to stand up to bowlers of above medium pace.

Anybody seeing India play Pakistan at The Oval the other evening would have been infected by the sheer joy of cricket in general and Twenty20 in particular. The fans will clearly buy into it, the players must. (ANI)

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