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`I love my players like family,’ says Fergie

London, May 4 (ANI): Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson has admitted he gets so close to his players he ends up loving them like family.

This, he adds, makes the eventual parting of the ways so painful.

As he prepared United for tomorrow’s showdown with Arsenal, Ferguson said: “I’m at a great club and the driving demand to always be at the top is a good for me.

“I love getting up in the morning. I like getting in to training early and watching the players train. I’ve never lost that. The leadership qualities needed at a club like Manchester United are high. You have to have respect from the players. The horrible part of football is you fall in love with your players. A time comes when you see a deterioration and you know you have to make the change. A lot of people can’t do it,” The Sun quoted him, as saying.
Ferguson admits he hates it when he has to unload players who have been with him for years.

He said: “They’re like your family, but you must make those changes.”  (ANI)

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