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‘Hot’ new extreme sport: Volcano boarding!

London, May 8 (ANI): A ‘hot’ new adrenaline sport called ‘volcano boarding’ has been developed by a group of thrill-seekers.

In the sport, participants race at speeds of up to 50mph down the side of an active volcano.
While wearing protective jump suits, knee-pads and helmets, the boarders visited the foothills of Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain, and climbed 726 metres (2,382ft) to travel down on specially-constructed plywood boards.

Cerro Negro is Central America’s youngest volcano and appeared in April 1850. It has been one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua, reports The Telegraph.

But its unstable reputation didn’t stop Phillip Southan, owner of Bigfoot Hostel and Green Pathways Tours, which developed the sport.

He said: “The volcano is very active. But the biggest risk is the risk is getting some scratches if you fall off. What we offer is a tour for everyone with absolutely no experience necessary. One of the greatest attractions of the tour is that you get a bit of everything.

“Nicaraguan rural culture, hiking, amazing views, walking in an active volcano and then of course the high adrenaline boarding down the volcano.” (ANI)

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