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Health enthusiasts turn to cardio tennis

Chennai, July 15 (ANI): Health enthusiasts in Chennai have taken to cardio tennis as a fun way of keeping in shape.

Cardio tennis is a group activity featuring various drills, equivalent to a high-energy workout.

It is the desire to burn some fat while learning a sport that is attracting people of all ages to the tennis courts.

Rishi, a coach at the cardio tennis classes in Anna Salai in Chennai, said that the exercise being a novel concept in the city is attracting many people.

“We have started something called cardio tennis where people come in and they learn the sport and as it revolves around exercising, so they are constantly running. So, it is fun. They also learn the sport properly,” he said.

The hour-long class usually begins with a ten-minute warm-up that includes stretches, shuffling and other movements designed to get the heart pumping faster.

Participants are in constant motion for almost an hour, performing fast-paced agility drills to improve footwork, and doing various strengthening exercises apart from playing the game.

The participants in these classes believe cardio tennis is much more fun than running on a treadmill.

“Cardio is significantly important. But then the whole point is doing something that’s exciting and not something boring. It is extremely exciting. At the same time, you are working your heart, and you are working your body,” said Aditya, a participant.

It also includes fast-paced point play, which involves playing an opponent or doubles for one point, and then quickly moving on to more drills. (ANI)

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