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Focused Haddin carries no mental scars from horror 2005 Ashes series

Melbourne, May 23 (ANI): Australian wicket keeper Brad Haddin, who was hit by a London cab when crossing the street during Ashes 2005, doesn’t carry mental scars from that Ashes tour, and is focused on the series against England, starting in June 2009.

Though only an unused back-up keeper on the ill-fated trip, the bad karma floating over Australia’s cricketers even snared Haddin when he was hit right in the knee.

What seemed minor later grew major, and Haddin even needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

But there are no signs of trepidation in Haddin about returning to England, where the glove man will play in his first Ashes.

“It still sits inside me that I was part of that tour. Obviously I didn’t play any games but I was part of the tour that lost,” FOX Sports quoted Haddin, as saying.

“And knowing how the guys felt coming back to Australia, I know they were upset and embarrassed. We were caught on the hop (in 2005) a bit but you can be sure that won’t happen this time,” he said.

Despite having barely stopped playing cricket in the last 18 months, the fitness freak says he feels fresh and, as usual, punched out four exhausting boxing sessions this week.

“I am champing at the bit to go over. I am at the top of my game. I just can’t wait for the challenge,’ Haddin said. (ANI)

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