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Flintoff backs fair play scheme for Brit kids

London, Apr 21 (ANI): England cricketing hero Andrew Flintoff is backing a scheme in which kids are being taught how to play fair in sport after a survey showed elbowing, tripping and hair-pulling are among common tactics mentioned by 52 percent of the eight to 16-year-olds questioned.

Under the new scheme, youngsters aged eight to 14 in 3,000 primary and secondary schools involved with the Cricket Foundation’s Chance to Shine programme will receive a two-hour ‘Spirit of Cricket’ session.
“It’s massively important as a sportsman to play hard, play fair, respect your opponent and respect yourself,” Sky News quoted Flintoff, as saying.

The poll also found less than a fifth of girls would consider doing something unfair to win, compared with a third of boys.

According to the results, Liverpool is the place where children see unfair play most often while Plymouth is the place least likely to find cheaters.

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and the Cricket Foundation commissioned the survey.

MCC head of cricket John Stephenson said the organisation “strongly believes that competition is good for children and that sport should be played to win”. (ANI)

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