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Driving and hearing football matches live on radio don’t mix

London, May 27 (ANI): Over two-million football fans, who listen to live matches on the radio while driving, have had an accident or near-miss, warned a study.

Released to coincide with the Uefa Champions League final in Rome, the Football Focus report has been compiled by academics from the University of Leicester.

The researchers estimate that two million drivers have fallen prey to the emotions produced while listening to the commentary of football matches.

Tests conducted by them showed that casual listeners drove at a consistent pace throughout matches, while the driving style of football fans was found to vary considerably – sometimes erratically – as games progressed.

“It acts as a warning to more than a quarter of motorists, who are likely to listen to part or all of the match while driving, that they could be putting themselves and other road-users at risk by doing so,” Sky News quoted the report as saying.

The study also found that football fans had larger changes in speed while listening to sport on the radio.

Professor Michael J Pont said: “The results we obtained suggest that, particularly during high-pressure situations within the games, there was a very marked impact on the behaviour of the subjects in this study.”

In addition, the researchers showed that 12 percent of drivers confessed of getting distracted and taking their eyes off the road while listening to live sports.

On the other hand, 15 percent admitted to taking their hands off the wheel when goals are scored.

Considering the findings of the report, the Institute of Advanced Motorists warned drivers to avoid going football crazy.

Spokesman Vince Yearly said: “I wouldn’t put it as the same league of distractions as mobile or hands-free phones but if you enjoy football and get emotional and distracted, I recommend you pull over and listen to the match.” (ANI)

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