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Commonwealth Games 2010 – Ye Dilli Hai Mere Yaar

Commonwealth Games 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010

The prized moment is just round the corner! India’s impending dream of hosting an eminent international sports extravaganza is about to seek its fulfillment. However, as the country waits with bated breath for the commencement of the prestigious and internationally renowned Commonwealth Games 2010 at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, one question which is perturbing our inquisitive minds time and again is that are we, as a nation ready to undertake this mammoth responsibility as per the required standards and the best of our capabilities?

It is an open truth, that bagging the hosting of the Commonwealth Games 2010 was an almost dream-like experience for a nation that had been earnestly waiting to showcase its hospitality ever since the Asian Games of 1982. It was after a lot of hard work and immense dedication that India was finally roped in to host this prestigious sports extravaganza. But the point in consideration is that what awaits us after this monumental wait of about three decades? Are we as a nation ready to shoulder this responsibility? The answers indeed, lay bare in front of us!

Touted as the third largest multi-sport events in the world, the Commonwealth Games have a proud lineage. With England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as their Home Nations, the CWG currently have about 71 participant teams. Held every four years, these games enjoy a wide array of viewership and fan following across the globe. In sync with the popularity and prominence of these sports events, this year too, the host city, Delhi is expected to receive about 2 million foreign and about 3.5 million national visitors.

However, it is immensely disheartening to notice the sad plight of the preparations in progress for the big day! With the first lot of the tickets for CWG 2010 sold out, it is high time that the preparations for this eminent event begin to meet their destined ends. However, success in this aspect seems to be a far cry. A survey conducted by the delegates from the Commonwealth Games Federation about a year back had revealed the same story. In their report prepared by these officials, it had been clearly mentioned that the national capital needed to revamp and upgrade its progress work in various spheres such as security, transportation, lodgings, sports facilities and training arrangements. However, seeing the recent scenario of the Commonwealth Games Village situated on the Yamuna bed, a host of queries and questions are bound to plague our minds.

Even in terms of traffic and transportation facilities, Delhi has loads to catch up. With the initial plans of upgrading the traffic systems and installation of new bus stops going down the drain, a whole lot of new of responsibilities now lies on the able shoulders on the national capital. Besides, a wide array of proposals and recommendations forwarded by the CWG Federation needs to be aptly implemented and taken care of. The problem of providing suitable accommodations to the overwhelming number of tourists and visitors expected to arrive during the games is a matter of huge concern. About 11,000 rooms for foreign visitors and 3000 rooms for native visitors are expected to reach completion in Delhi before the commencement of the CWG 2010

The answers to these questions are likely to unfurl before our eyes in the times to come. Till then, we can at least do our bit. Why not volunteer as helpers for the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010 and make our nation proud! The government is on a lookout for volunteers for these breathtaking sports events. Are you game for it?

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