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Chelsea will drive you mad, Hiddink warns successor Ancelotti

London, May 16 (ANI): Chelsea’s Dutch coach Guus Hiddink has warned his successor Carlos Ancelotti that the club’s players can drive you mad.
Hiddink will leave Stamford Bridge after tomorrow’s final home match against Blackburn.

“What happened against Barcelona exhausted me. For two days, even normal questions drew a reaction from me — and that was because I was exhausted. I knew that. I didn’t want anyone coming near. I was angry because I felt injustice. Everyone felt that, even people who weren’t involved with Chelsea. You feel this huge frustration,” The Sun quoted Hiddink, as saying.
Hiddink is heading off to continue as Russia boss after the FA Cup final against Everton on May 30 with his personal reputation enhanced and a clamouring for him to return as permanent boss in the future.
AC Milan chief Ancelotti is the hot favourite to become Chelsea’s fifth manager in nine years.

Hiddink insists he will not interfere with his successor’s work.
Hiddink added: “It’s not easy to say goodbye. But let’s not be too dramatic. Whoever my successor is can — and must — work very independently. He’ll be a big manager, of course.” (ANI)

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