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Becks loves to bite on ‘little bums’ made out of pig’s rears!

New Delhi, June 5 (ANI): David Beckham reportedly loves to dig into Italian delicacy Culatello, which translates as “little bum” and is made out of pig’s rears.

The soccer heartthrob, who has been in the country since January, has been spotted chewing the prosciutto, the Italian word for ham, on several occasions after being introduced to it by manager Carlo Ancelotti, reports the China Daily.

A source said: “David can’t get enough of this fine delicacy. It’s got a much lighter and less meaty taste than most other prosciuttos. He’s dying to get Victoria to try some.”

Beckham, who is currently playing for Italian team AC Milan, could soon share the prosciutto, most commonly served as a starter, with his better half when she joins him in Italy with their three sons.

A source said: “Victoria loves America but all the flying back and forward is starting to take its toll, and being apart from David has been really hard for them both.

“Victoria hated the idea of moving to Milan at first, but she’s warmed to it. Plus, she doesn’t want David to be away from her and the kids.” (ANI)

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