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Ancelotti had two secret meetings with Chelsea boss Abramovich

London, May 27 (ANI): AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti has revealed he held two clandestine meetings with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich last year.
He admitted that he agreed to become Blues boss two months ago even though he had yet to sign a contract, but hinted that he might still opt to stay on in Italy.
He also revealed how Abramovich said his side had ‘no personality’ and dreams of becoming like Manchester United, Liverpool or Milan.

The revelations will be hugely embarrassing for Russian billionaire Ambramovich, who fiercely guards his privacy.

According to The Sun, In his book Preferisco La Coppa, Ancelotti said: “The manager of Milan is on a secret mission. I am on my own like 007. Sat behind a driver with the face of a killer. I’m already in Paris going to Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea – who’s looking for a new manager. We’ve already seen each other once, a couple of weeks ago. In Switzerland, in a big hotel in Geneva. I don’t remember the name. Everything was organised by Charlie Stillitano, a friend from the US who works in football. He knows Peter Kenyon, the executive hand of Abramovich at Chelsea, who has expressed the wish to meet me.”
“I was on holiday relaxing after the bitterness of failing to qualify for the Champions League with Milan. Abramovich came after me, it’s a good sign but how many bodyguards! “They are the ones who accompanied me to the Big Chief and to Kenyon. Their team was completed by a lawyer and an interpreter. We sat down and greeted each other cordially and started to talk. Always about football and only football.” (ANI)

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