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“Surly” Capello launches vitriolic verbal volley against Ancelotti’s remarks

London, June 6(ANI): England’s football team manager Fabio Capello reacted furiously to new Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti branding him ‘surly’ in his new autobiography.

“I don’t recognise myself in the description that has been given. Sometimes I fight with one player. Not a lot, one” The Sun quoted Capello, as saying.

“I think the rules of the club are ‘I’m a manager, you are a player’. I respect the players and I ask respect from them. Not more than this,” Capello added.

In his autobiography, Ancelotti said of Capello: “He was surly . . . in life, we can’t like everyone we meet. I and Fabio have different characters.”

According to reports, Ancelotti has never forgiven Capello for the manner in which Capello treated him as a player at AC Milan. He has also accused Capello of rowing with players and almost coming to blows with Ruud Gullit.
Capello hit back by saying that Ancilotti spends too much time trying to be friends with both players and reporters.

“Usually I speak with the players but I never went to dinner with them. I never went to dinner with the journalists. I prefer to go with my wife. If you want to be a friend of the players, you be. Ancelotti won with his style. I won with ours,” Capello said. (ANI)

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