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Youngsters And Drug Abuse

Youngsters And Drug Abuse

Youngsters And Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is proving to be a tough nut to crack across the entire world. In the current scenario where the world has become a global village, the implications of this serious problem have already travelled far and wide. The practice of consuming drugs for purposes other than medicinal or therapeutic has become a rage among the youngsters around the entire world. It is not to be forgotten that drug abuse is a serious crime and not just an act of personal choice. It is a heinous crime and is punishable in the court of law. Owing to the easy and surplus availability of finances, the drugs racket is expanding at an irrevocably multiplying pace in the present times. The drug mafias across the countries are practically leaving no stone unturned in luring falling people to such substances.

Substance abuse, as it is popularly called, is becoming rampant almost with each passing day. The common causes that have been held accountable time and again for the spread of drug abuse include easy and surplus availability of finances, peer pressures, longing to escape the worries and frustrations of everyday life and an earnest desire to experience something trilling or different from the usual experiences of life. Such clichéd reasons are the prime factors that are leading people specifically youngsters into the nexus of drug abuse. What is more interesting is the fact that not just common people, even ultra rich and successful celebrities have been seen falling prey to the vicious circle of substance abuse. Famous celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Sanjay Dutt, Whitney Houston and Aaron Carter fall in the category of such internationally recognized personalities. All of these have been claimed to be linked with drug abuses of various types. The most common drugs that fall under the category of drug or substance abuse include tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine.

The lure for having a firsthand experience at drugs is what that attracts most of the people towards the harmful or in some cases, even lethal drugs. Peer pressure has been identified as the most catalytic factor that draws innocent youngsters towards the use of commonly available drugs and their subsequent misuse. However, there does lay a thin lie of difference between a drug abuser and a first-time drug user. Many youngsters indulge in drug usage just to experience the thrill of committing something exciting, something different from their other counterparts. They may or may not become drug abusers or addicts in future depending upon their respective experiences.

The ill-effects of drug abuse need no introduction. The long and short term disadvantages and after-effects of substance abuse are an open truth to one and all. Drug abuse has serious implications on the Central Nervous System of a human being which thereby, leads to overall disruption in the normal functioning of the body. It is high time that humanity joins hands to wage a battle against this heinous crime, lest it is bound to curb the whole of mankind in the times to come. As per the latest notification of the United Nations, there are at present over 50 million drug users in the world. It is therefore,  the need of the hour that the society as a whole takes a firm stand and paves measures to eradicate this problem for once and for all, and make this world a better place to live in!

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