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The Exquisite Aura Of Sarees



The most traditional of Indian outfits, the saree is considered to be the most versatile piece of clothing throughout the world. The first reminiscences of saree hark back to the famous Indus Valley Civilization that flourished around 2800 – 1800 BC. Furthermore, all Indian scriptures contain vivid accounts of draping materials that bear close resemblances to sarees. The lure for this exquisite piece of clothing has been driving women crazy since times immemorial. Even in the present times, despite the burgeoning craze for high-end designer dresses, the traditional or designer Indian sarees continue to enjoy a reigning position among the womenfolk across the globe.

The magic of sarees is not just confined within the Indian subcontinent. It has crossed boundaries and created a global niche and hype for itself. The Westeners too have developed a unique admiration for traditional Indian sarees. In addition to this, a large chunk of internationally recognized celebrities and socialites have been seen sporting this coveted piece of clothing. Apart from the International Indian celebs such as Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta, Mandira Bedi, Sonia Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, a host of International socialites including Jennifer Lopes, Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Liz Hurley have been found exploring the comfort of sarees and winning accolades from their admirers.

The word saree derives its roots from the Prakrit word ‘sattika’. Saree is a traditional Indian clothing measuring 5-6 yards in length, and made of vivid styles, textures and colors. It is available in elaborate versions that differ radically from one another in terms of texture, craft and modes of production. The popular forms of sarees include the likes of Patola, Chanderi, Banarasi, Bandhani, Brocade, Paithani, Kanjeevaram and Baluchari. Each one of these is endowed with a unique appeal, and adds a subtle grace and poise to the overall personality of the person wearing it.

Sarees have been an integral part of Indian tradition and continue to relish an indisputable position even today. Indian women are usually draped in sarees on all important and auspicious occasions throughout the year. Owing to a rich blend of cultures in the country, sarees too have evolved differently in different geographical parts of the nation. Among the varied styles of draping a saree, the most popular and prominent ones include Gujrati, Bengali, Dravidian, Maharashtrian, Nivi and Kodagu.

As a matter of fact, sarees are regarded as the most stylish pieces of clothing around the world, on account of their unmatched semblance and breathtaking beauty. They are certainly bestowed upon with dollops of glamour quotient and leave the onlookers spellbound. The mesmerizing appeal of sarees continues to woo the fashion addicts across the world, with its unbridled vivacity and intricate designing. It continues to give a cut-throat competition to all other apparels and designer pieces of clothing with its envious grace and unparalleled oomph factor.

What are you waiting for? Get one for yourself and relish oodles of admiration that come your way!

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