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The Emerging Trend of Body Tattoos

Body Tattoos

Body Tattoos

The popularity of body tattoos is scaling greater heights of popularity with each passing day. Gone are the days when tattoos and body piercings were restricted to the rural population of the country. Nowadays tattoos are considered the in-things in the top-notch urban fashion circles. The art of body tattoos harks back to times immemorial. Egyptian mummies dating back to 2000 B.C. have been found to have tattoos. According to a popular myth of the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is said to have tattooed his wife, Lakshmi’s arm. Thus, contrary to the popular myths, the art of tattooing is not of a recent origin. However, in the recent times, their popularity has definitely gone a step up!

Tattooing basically includes the insertion of an indelible, dark-colored ink into the dermal layer of the skin. This changes the skin’s pigmentation and highlights the design created. Usually this is done with the help of an electronic machine that punctures the skin with the rapid up-and-down movement of its pointed needles. However, effective infection control and sterilization methods are a must for this process. Any lapses may result in serious consequences that may include the transmission of infectious diseases such as HIV, tetanus and hepatitis. Hygiene conscious, in general has improved tremendously in the current scenario.

The ever-multiplying craze for body tattoos among the top-notch celebrities and socialites across the globe has contributed manifolds to the burgeoning popularity of tattoos. International style-icons such as Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Janis Joplin, Saif Ali Khan, Mike Tyson and the likes have been triggering the craze for tattooing world over. Saif Ali Khan, for instance has been driving fans crazy among the Indian subcontinent with his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor’s name tattooed on his arm. Similarly, the star-footballer and international youth icon, David Beckham has been creating waves among his fans and followers across the world with as many as 15 tattoos over his body.

Following the footsteps of these trendsetters, the art of body tattoos has become a rage in the recent cultural scenario. More and more people, belonging to varied age-groups are now willing to experiment with tattoos. Owing to a huge demand, a lot of sophistication and innovation has entered into this art. Nowadays, artists familiar with the nuances of fine arts and fully equipped with all the technical know-how have brought about a revolution in this profession. With their unparalleled zeal and unfathomable imagination, they have a multitude of designs and price-ranges to offer, that cater to the needs of almost all clientele groups.

The desire to get noticed, is luring more and more people especially youngsters towards the art of body tattoos. The commonly tattooed body parts include arms, wrist, shoulders, neck and navel. There are still others who also get their private parts tattooed. An increasing addiction towards body tattoos may be illustrated here through the example of Julia Gnuse, an American, who was recently in news for being recognized worldwide as the most tattooed woman. More than 95 percent of body is said to be tattooed.

The inclination towards this trend is likely to go up in the coming years as well. Let us wait and witness what comes up next to kindle the flames of sensation in the realm of body tattoos!

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