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The Burgeoning Craze For Nail Art

Nail Art

Nail Art

Catching up with the trendiest of the trends, the latest to win accolades among the Indians is the sensational nail art. Gone are the days, when clean, elegant and properly trimmed nails were ample enough to enhance the tidiness and beauty of the hands. In the burgeoning trend to win over unprecedented admiration and accolades from the onlookers, the latest craze that has gripped the attention of the fashion hippies world over is the enticing nail art.

Nail art , basically involves the beautification and decoration of nails through various colors, tapes, foils, piercings or gems. It is usually conducted by experts, who are specialized artists well-versed with the nuances of the art. Through a meticulous practice and a knack for creativity, such experts help enhance the overall personality of the clients by lending an exquisite charm and appeal to their finger nails. By means of brushes or mere freehand painting, the nail-art experts depict beautiful artistic designs and strokes on the nails thereby, enhancing their beauty and elegance. Nail art is an upcoming trend in the fashion world and is catching up in India too, at a breakneck speed. Almost all the metropolitans and prominent cities in the country are now offering specialized nail-art saloons, or are equipped with talented nail-art experts that help the customers explore their creativity by offering vivid nail-art designs and patterns.

A wide array of equipments and accessories that form an integral part of nail-art include attractive nail stickers, nail stripes, assorted dots or stars and silver or gold nail charms. These add a subtle element of glitz and glamour to the nails thereby, bringing over a wow-factor to one’s personality. Youngsters and college goers are practically falling for this unique creative art in lieu of winning oodles of admiration from their fellow mates. The desire to look different and attract attention from their onlookers is driving a host of people towards nail-art.

For those having a flair for creativity and a penchant towards following the latest fashion trends, nail art is the most upcoming option. Fashion hippies from all corners of the world are now open to experimenting with this unique artistic adventure. The lure for collecting heaps of appreciation and an affordable price range are important factors behind the ever multiplying popularity of this emerging art. Based on the intricacy of the art work involved, the charges are spread across a wide spectrum of affordability. As mentioned earlier, paintings and piercings are integral features of the nail-art. A wide variety in colors, designs and textures makes the entire process even more enchanting and enjoyable. Based on the specific occasion, one may get an appropriate nail-art done. Immaculately decorated nails not only add to the beauty of the hands, but also complement one’s overall look and confidence.

In case you still haven’t witnessed the magic of nail art, head towards your nearest saloon and get set to pamper yourself with some wacky innovations coming your way!

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