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The Burgeoning Craze For Designer Wrist Watches

Designer Wrist Watches

Designer Wrist Watches

Watches are fast catching up as the latest style statements and wooing hearts with their funky designs and trendsetting appeal. The craze for investing in chic and ravishing wrist watches is gaining momentum among all circles of population especially among the youngsters. Youngsters tend to flaunt wrist watches as enviable style statements within their peer circles. With easy affordability and a wide variety of designer and high-end watches making an appearance in the fashion circles, more and more people are now willing to shell big bucks for buying the most appealing and suave designs.

In the recent years, wrist watches have become an indispensable part of wardrobe accessories and are giving investors a run for their money. Attractive, cutting-edge designs are taking the fashion circuits all over the world by a storm. Strangely enough, in a mobile-evolving generation where sporting wrist watches had been almost relegated to the backdrop, the trend has made a remarkable comeback and is taking the entire world by a pleasant surprise.

Popular international wrist watch brands such as Seiko, TAG Heuer, Tissot, Patek Philipe, Rado, Hublot, Rayomond Weil and the likes are making waves around the world with their breathtaking designs and classy semblance. Their Indian counterparts that include Titan, Timex, Citizen, Fastrack and Sonata are also coming up with enticing and pocket-friendly designs that are luring a large section of urban clientele. Apart from their trendy designs and impressive looks, watch manufacturing companies are cultivating attention by coming up with some great offers and catchy taglines. Some of the most popular taglines such as the likes of ‘What’s your style’, ‘Be More’, ‘ Naya Josh, Naya Vishwas’, ‘How many do you have’ have been creating ripples in the wrist watch industry besides, drawing a massive popular demand towards the once-forgotten wrist watch segment.

In the recent scenario many international celebrities have joined the bandwagon of brand ambassadors for wrist watch companies and are endorsing their respective brands with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Well-known fashion icons like Kim Clijsters, Shahrukh Khan, Zinedine Zinade, Nicolas Cage, Deepika Padukone, Aamir Khan and Sharon Stone are driving watch collectors crazy by endorsing classy, suave and tempting cutting-edge designs.

With the introduction of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and titanium in the watch designing business, the sales have reached a phenomenal increase. The designer and bejeweled wrist watches are the latest in vogue and are catching an unprecedented amount of attention from their female followers. With a swarm of talented designers getting into the watch-designing business, the zeal to invest in valuable and exquisite designer wrist watches is bound to reach even greater heights of popularity in the coming years.

The time to sit back and watch has passed by in a jiffy. It’s time for us to invest in high-end designer wrist watches and leave our onlookers awestruck and spellbound! What say! Are you game for it?

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