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Save The Planet Or Be Destroyed

Save Our World

Save Our World

According to current trends and researches the whole nature is endangered and we are going to make the situation worse in the coming years. Day after day we are putting more and more toxic chemicals in the atmosphere and a day will come when our planet the earth would be no more a place to grow food items and live in. A lot of new diseases would come into picture as result of excess polluted environment.

Just now natural plants and some animals are being engulfed by this ever rising level of pollution but the days are not far away when human being would become endangered species on this earth. It is time for us to wake up. The world organizations and countries are already doing a lot to decrease the level of pollution but as an individual we do have a responsibility to take some steps. Always try to support use of green products which are environment friendly. If we can bring products from market in hand made or similar bags then why should we use polybags? Use of clean and green sources of energy is being encouraged in almost every country. Use pollution free energy always if possible or available. Even if some companies or industries in our knowledge try to pollute our mother nature let’s join our hands to oppose. Still it is not too late to find a way to live in harmony and sympathetic way with the nature.

If every human on this earth is going to start doing his/her own part in this direction I think saving our planet would no more be a matter of concern. Let’s make other aware of urgent needs of reducing pollution level that really don’t pay heed toward programs conducted by government or other organizations. Let’s them know that we have scientific reasons to take steps. Don’t misuse the power of science to exploit the natural resources rather let’s find a way to live in harmony with the nature using this knowledge of science.

Let’s change our way of harnessing the natural resources and think about the coming generations. It is nature which provides us a suitable place and environment to live in and not us who let the nature live in a world created by human beings. If we won’t find a sustainable way of our lifestyle and ways of exploiting natural resources it is a fact nature would find a way to destroy the human creature. First try to understand our own responsibilities towards the nature then encourage others for the same.

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I am currently in 3rd year B.TECH at KALINGA INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (KIIT UNIVERSITY), BHUBANESWAR. My ultimate aim in life is to be a good entrepreneur. Writing articles is my passion. I generally love to write on topics which come under consideration of youths of the country and I write what I really feel about. Actually what I believe is its youth who can bring ultimate changes in society. I like to make new friends. I love pop music. At university level I am doing a lot of extracurricular activities and organise various events. In leisure period I really love sleeping. I always feel my parents as my strength.

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