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Live-In Relationships: Living Together Before Marriage

Live-In Relationships

Live-In Relationships

Relationships are an important part of our life. No matter what kind of relationship, man seems to be bound by someone in his life to draw a meaning to it. And when we talk about relationships, romance can’t be far behind.

India is widely known as a country with strong moral values and traditional integrity. Perhaps, that’s why bold exhibitions of romance go for a toss in such a typical society, least being something like live-in-relationships in India. In such a country live-in-relationships are considered something as unethical or immoral.

It is believed that the young generation is scare of taking responsibilities and so chooses to live together before marriage. Your browser may not support display of this image. When it comes to relationships, elders say that the young generation is going wayward. They do not want to plunge into the depth of any relationship. They say that the youngsters lack the determination to dare to do so. With every relation comes responsibility and the youngsters are incapable of taking up the responsibilities. This has led the society to a completely wrong direction where relations are falling apart like a pack of cards. The society and families are rapidly degenerating giving rise to the feeling of loneliness and insecurity. Relationships for them are no more than cobwebs which they try to escape.

In this era of cut-throat competition, youngsters are carried away with the urge of success. Often they are taken away from home to get successful. Things generally begin normally like sharing the flat or sharing the stress or pleasure. Gradually the live-in partners get intimate and the physical urge gets better of them. And let’s accept that both of them enjoy this freedom. There are no obligations, no restrictions in these relations, simply because live-in itself, is an escape from restrictions.

Things start going wrong when the partners or one of them becomes possessive or the lady conceives a child. The problem is because they are not ready to take up the responsibility. Marriages in these circumstances are no more than a compromise, a deal. Moreover, marriages are all about devotion and sacrifice, and the people who are not used to sharing things cannot devote or sacrifice things for each other.

People need to understand that a live-in relationship is basically an arrangement, to satisfy their common needs, emotional and physical and there is no harm in it. So live-in relations are the need of the hour and it is not bad or immoral but what one needs to understand its fine lines and complexities. One needs to take care of these and be very clear about them before getting into a live-in relationship.

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