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Let Us Be Humane, Let Us Respect Disability!

Understanding Disability

Understanding Disability

In an era of unprecedented technological and economic advancements, there is still a stratum of society that is being compelled to lead a claustrophobic existence. Ironically, the so-called citizen-friendly societies of the world too do not fall short of according an opinionated treatment to People with Disability.

All said and done, one marked concern that continues to raise its head time and again is our in-proficiency in empathizing with this section of our population, the so-called People with Disability.

Most of us tend to get moved with feelings of sympathy or pity on coming across a Disabled person. In a reflex action, we often end up blurting out sympathetic remarks that prick the self-esteem of our differently-abled friends! On the other hand, the more compassionate ones among us don’t hesitate approaching them for offering ‘unwanted’ aid and assistance. Further still, there are other callous brutes, who don’t mind calling names and showering derogatory remarks on people with disability!

Let us accept it outright that we do increase their sufferings and at times, play havoc with their lives either ‘knowingly or unknowingly!’ Let us embrace this naked truth that many rather, most of us make their lives and survival even more difficult with our baseless prejudices and misconceptions towards Disability. Needless to say, it is high time that we understood that by doing any of these, we end up multiplying their sufferings, hurting their self-esteem and wavering their self confidence.

Let us understand with open eyes and ears that: ‘Disability is not a CURSE!’ Just because someone is physiologically, psychologically or anatomically abnormal or incapacitated, he/she shouldn’t be deprived of his/her justified position in the minds and hearts of others, and in the eyes of the society as a whole! It’s time that we promise ourselves to lend a helping hand in their struggle for retaining a justified position in the society. If not much, let us at least incorporate an attitude of mutual respect and equality towards them and avoid pestering them with ‘unwanted’ or ‘uncalled-for’ aid and assistance and make it a point not think twice before rendering them our support and guidance, when asked for.

A famous poet and playwright Neil Marcus once wrote “Disability is not a ‘brave struggle’ or ‘courage in the face of adversity’…disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live.”  That’s exactly what we as fellow beings are expected to do, to live and let live.

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