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Happiness – A Lost Paradise



Happiness is something that all of us are always looking for. Be it through earning as much money as possible so that we can lead a comfortable lifestyle, or by making great friends, we always look for happiness. But is it always possible to define what happiness really is? Is it really a very relative term? Or is it a dream that can never be achieved?

Happiness is, simply put a state of contentment. A state when the person feels that he has everything he could ever wish for, and doesn’t want any aspect of his life to change. This is a very rare state of most people to be in. Most of us always keep looking for something or the other, and always long for the unattainable. It starts right from the time we are born. We always wish for the brighter toy, the most dangerous ride, and the neighbour’s ball, and cry our eyes out as our disparate parents try to calm us down. No matter how many toys we have, we always wish for the stuff that our friends have.

After a while, when we grow up, we succumb to the pressures of the society. We always wish we could be smarter and work hard to get into a college that someone else among our friends or relatives has attended. The struggle doesn’t end there. After this, we undergo cut throat competition to secure jobs that other people have, and which we think is highly lucrative. Once we get these jobs, we are not completely satisfied. We look towards earning more money, or long for a meaningful relationship. When we do get into one, we wish that we were single and independent again. And all this is accompanied by the desire to look slimmer, taller, better looking, or posses better clothes, cars, and so on. Thus, we are never really happy. People who work in India wish that they could go abroad, and those who are abroad which they could come back home.

Why are things so complicated? Why is it that we always wish for things that we cannot have? To say that the grass is always greener on the other side is a cliché. I think that the main problem is that we don’t really know our own minds very well. You may have often found that whenever you go shopping with the person who means a lot to you, and who you know really well, you are able to decide better than that person looks good on him or her, and what is the best option. But we cannot do the same for ourselves. This is because we know those people better than we know ourselves.

So do take some time out for yourself. We all really need to introspect ourselves each day, to figure out – who we are? What makes us happy? What are our weaknesses and our strengths? Once we get these answers, we find that the path to happiness suddenly becomes clearer, like the sun rising on a story sea. We are able to gain a better perspective on our own lives, and are finally able to become the masters of our own destinies.

About Anindita Chatterjee

Career and Education: I am currently PGDM 2nd year student (operations) from K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and research, Mumbai. I had a prior work experience of almost 2 years at Verizon Data Services India, Hyderabad, where I served as a server administrator. My work involved troubleshooting all kinds of OS and Hardware problems with Windows 2003 servers. My graduation consists of BE in IT from CBIT, Hyderabad. Social: Born in Mumbai to Bengali parents, raised in Hyderabad, studying now in Mumbai, I am pretty much the PAN Indian. I love making friends and meeting new people, although I wouldn’t really call myself a social butterfly. I love writing, and am a voracious reader – be it fiction or non-fiction. I think that one of the biggest comforts in life is being able to curl up on the couch with a great, exciting new book after a day’s work. I also enjoy all kinds of music, and I am a complete movie buff. I realise that there are grey areas in most issues, but I do call a spade a spade, when it’s glaringly obvious. I believe in God, but I’m not religious. I feel that it’s important to focus on the purpose rather than the medium used to achieve the purpose.

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