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Hah! Your Are So Funny



The touch of the feathers that raises goosebumps on your arms, the aroma if the exotic spices that stimulate your nose and evokes feelings that are hard to describe, the beats of music which get your feet tapping, the taste of the food which brings back the memories of the good times you’ve had, the sight of the amazing creation of God which you just can’t get enough of- thanks to the five senses human beings are blessed with, you have the ability to experience them all.  But when God was prototyping humans, He forgot (intentionally or otherwise), two most important senses of them all- common sense and sense of humour.

When you deem someone funny, there can be a variety of reasons for that. Maybe the person has the capability of turning an ordinary event/ situation into one that makes you split with laughter, he is indeed funny. But more often than not, this isn’t the case. Sometimes, it may be because he’s at a position where polite laughs and nodding at the right moment are commendable, even crucial at times. It might be a friend who’s a self-proclaimed-stand-up-comedian. Or at times, it might be only in order to save your neck off a person, for instance, in a party where you hardly know anyone other than the host and people cannot stop cracking jokes. The best way out is to laugh along and run for cover at the first chance available.

The question here is why tried so hard for getting the “humorous” tag on you? People have known you, accepted you and even loved you for who you are. Then why do you want to keep all of that onto a backseat and go for some trait which doesn’t come to you naturally? The answer is, unfortunately, humans have the ultimate aim of acquiring social acceptance. Humorous people are welcome and sought everywhere. They are the spirit of a party/get-together, the buzz of an otherwise drab classroom, the freshness in the routine interviews/meetings.  They are the people who can crack a joke and are also capable of appreciating a good joke by someone else. They are a rare species indeed!

Jokes are also used as a tool by some to hide their pain and put on a happy face. When you are unhappy about the outcome of a certain situation, you may either take the recourse of shutting yourself up in a cocoon and snapping on a naive individual who has innocently committed the mistake of asking you what’s wrong. Or, you may be open and cool about it, maybe even crack a joke or two about it. This is especially relevant for celebrities and politicians whose personal life is continuously scanned in hope of getting a sliver of juicy controversy. Well! It’s alright if something bad happened. Your stakeholders are going to live to see another day and so will you. Just shrug, smile and put your best foot forward.

If you have noticed carefully, you’ll observe another characteristic of these people. Their jokes are witty but not cheap; they may comment on someone but not demean them. For example, mimicking a person’s typical twanged accent or gesture may be your area of expertise, but are you careful enough not to step on the thin line separating funny from offending? You may gladly make pointed remarks on someone but do you possess the ability to accept the same with a pinch of salt? Or are you the kind of person who loves being the lovable- witty-cynic but gets red as a beet the moment anyone else directs it on to you?

People look best when they are smiling. There’s no substitute for the medicine called laughter. Men who can “laugh their troubles away” are men who actually emerge out of chaos successfully. But it has all to be done subtly and thoughtfully. Jokes are funny when they are shared with people and not on people. Your joke should bring smiles on some faces but should never at the cost of taking it away from others. On that thought, how about a wide, ear-to-ear smile?

About Anupriya Singh

I am a second year student of Management from Mumbai. I believe writing, like any other form of art, is a way of expressing oneself and reaching out to others; I aspire to do the same. I like meeting new people, observing them and knowing about their hopes and aspirations. I love pencil-sketching. Listening to music is my idea of an antidote to stress. I believe what life teaches us, is invaluable and every little occurring shapes us to who we are.

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  1. Anindita Chatterjee

    Awesome article. I think humour is something that has to go with class, else it just amounts to being mean. There is a place, time and a way to be humorous, which most people don’t get. This is the reason why most of the people who have the gift of humour find themselves in tough situations at times. They are not taken seriously, and are always under the pressure of “keeping up the happy atmosphere”. A good read – keep up the great work!!!

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