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Conquer Your Anxiety

Conquer Your Anxiety

Conquer Your Anxiety

Anxiety is the result of either not believing that you can achieve your goals successfully or having a fear of not achieving your goals. Either can stop you in your tracks when it comes to being successful.

Worrying is not anxiety, but it can accompany being anxious. Ultimately it helps in doing exactly what anxiety does as well as distracts you from your stated goal.

First of all you must plot your course for success. If you have your goals well-defined and your “insurance policies” in place (such as friends who can encourage you, experts in your chosen field who can guide you, etc.), anxiety and worry don’t have much room to take root. If you are a negative person, however, you can give birth to these twins without much effort.

If you don’t believe in your goals or don’t believe that you can achieve them, your attitude will determine your level of success. And that’s where worry and anxiety come into play.

Your first step in overcoming anxiety is to make sure you have your goals written down. If you can see your goals and the small steps you’ll take to achieve them, pull it out and read over it when you begin to feel anxious.

The second step is to correct your attitude. If you dwell in the “I can’t” and “I’ll never,” you’re right—you can’t and you’ll never. Instead, you need to dismiss those thoughts and consider what you have already accomplished and what next goal your series of baby steps will achieve. We go back to the truth “attitude is everything.”

Henry Ford famously said, “Either you think you can or you think you can’t. Either way, you’re right.” On this point, I think he was correct. As an inventor, he had the opportunity to dwell on all the times his Quadricycle prototypes failed. Instead, he moved on, learning from the failures and mistakes. He didn’t let a bad prototype stand in his way of succeeding. He overcame any anxiety and worry with positive attitude and a gritty determination.

So it’s ultimately your attitude that decides whether you will achieve your goal or you will face the failure.

The final step to overcome anxiety is to have those around you who can encourage you. We talked about this when discussing setting your goals and making sure that you have the appropriate support system around you. Anxiety and worry rarely come to a party of more than one—they like to torment individuals. Two or three people have the benefit of seeing different angles of a challenge and being positive about the outcome. So if you find yourself worrying or anxious, tap your support system. You’ll thank yourself and continue towards your goal.

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I am a 2nd year student of Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University. I love writing about anything and everything that touches my heart and that according to me can make a difference to the society. Reading profiles of people who have achieved their goals in life really inspires me and motivates me to give my best in whatever I do. I am truly a religious person. My inspiration is my faith in Almighty. I love interacting with people and sharing new ideas and thoughts with them. I am an optimistic person and I take even criticism as a compliment because I think that criticism is nothing but another chance of improvement. Apart from writing I am fond of cooking and I keep on experimenting with the food. I don’t like to go for outings very often but I simply admire nature and its beauty. I believe in my capabilities and my commitment towards my work.

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