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Youth take to laptops in Kashmir

Srinagar, June 3 (ANI): The youth and the students in Jammu and Kashmir are getting more and more fascinated with laptops increasing its sale in the state.

The youth find themselves connected to the rest of the world while on move.

“In the last five to six days, I have noticed that in Kashmir interest towards laptops have increased and that is a good sign. I hope that there should be more use of internet here as it would help us in communicating with the rest of the world,” said Suhail Ahmad, a customer.

According to the dealers, easy and quick finance available for buying a laptop has also added to the boost in sales.

While experts believe that the laptop usage is nothing new in Kashmir valley it is seen as technology introductions. The reason behind the craze is reduction in laptop prices and increase of production by the companies.

“This craze for laptops is not just limited to Kashmir. Infact the craze is across the world because the prices have reduced and the companies are doing mass production.

Therefore, the laptops have come under the budget of the common people who will find it an easy product to buy,” said Haroon Rashid, IT expert and sales manager.

With the return of peace in the Valley, gadgets like laptops and other high-tech equipments have started gaining market in valley.

Students in Kashmir valley are also using laptop for studies these days. Laptop is the biggest achievements of computer technology. Now laptops are available in many varieties. (ANI)

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