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Young designers showcase wares at ‘Silhouettes 2009’ in Mumbai

Mumbai, May 4 (ANI): Young budding designers from the BD Somani College showcased their collection in their annual festival ‘Silhouettes 2009’ in Mumbai.

Renowned fashion designers Vikram Phadnis and Shaina NC also ventured in the show as judges and to encourage the young designers.

If the show was a platform for young designers, it was so for very young models too. Children walked the ramp at the show showcasing children’s clothing collection.

The designers also showcased maternity clothes and variations in traditional Indian attires.

Shaina NC, fashion designer and a guest at the show, encouraged the designers to include Indian elements in their designs.

“My only advice to these youngsters is that please seek some inspiration from India. Be it in silhouette, design, fabric, colour, embellishment, use one aspect that truly epitomises India because if you don’t then we are just aping the west year after year,” said Shaina NC.

Vikram Phadnis, fashion designer and a judge at the show, was all praise for the institute and the freshness that the young designers come with every year.

“Every year, a new batch comes with a new feel. And that is important. You can’t get regressive in fashion, you have to be progressive. And every year, the institute becomes only better and better,” he said.

The show was organised at the Shamukha Nanda Hall at Matunga in Mumbai. It was a platform for young designers to showcase their talent in front of experienced designers and prospective clients. (ANI)

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