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Women learn self-defense in Bangalore

Bangalore, June 11 (ANI): Following a spurt in attacks on women in metros, self-defence training is being imparted to women in Bangalore.

Women become the silent victims of attacks. But with self-defense training, the women of IT city, Bangalore, now have learnt to be able to defend themselves from attacks and assaults.

This unique training is based on simple techniques, where one has to adapt oneself to a certain dangerous situation.

Mellisa Soalt, an American national known to have pioneered the art of women’s self-defense along with her co-instructor Michael Haknack, teaches the adrenal test scenario based technique. She has flown from the US to teach self-defense techniques to these women.

“The basic approach is to teach really practical uncomplicated basic techniques that everyday people can use on the streets. We are going to show some techniques for women to resist sexual oppression. The way we train is called fore force so that the students can see what it takes to deliver the kind of strength that they need,” Soalt added.

Students said that their trainer inspires them to be confident on the streets and defend themselves against hooligans.

“I never thought I would be able to be ferocious, but the woman who is teaching this course is almost my size, and to see her do all these amazing things and throw this big guy around, is quite inspiring. The techniques make sense like you should use your hips because they are very strong, but the truth is you would never have thought of them before,” said Avanthi, a student. (ANI)

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