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Woman tells how Indian doctor ‘massaged her breasts’ during surgery visit

London, Apr.28 (ANI): A woman has described how an Indian-origin doctor stroked her hair and massaged her breasts during a visit to his surgery with her young child.
According to The Telegraph, the woman told the General Medical Council (GMC) hearing that she had visited Dr Krishnan Prasad at the Springwell Medical Group surgery in Sunderland because her three-year-old son was unwell and had been experiencing pain and deafness in his ears.

The Fitness to Practice panel heard how the woman, known only as Ms A, informed the doctor that a number of family members had been unwell recently, and that she had suffered from ear problems since she was very young.

After examining her son and prescribing medication, Dr Prasad – who was then completing his training to qualify as a GP – went on to offer Ms A an examination, the GMC was told.

“He suggested to me that myself and my son were probably just passing the infection backwards and forwards and would I like to be examined,” Ms A said.

The witness became emotional as she described to the panel how the doctor “seemed to stroke the side of my hair” as he looked into her ears and then proceeded to make a “massage motion” on her breasts after telling her he would listen to her chest and back.

“He commented on how fast my heart was beating,” she added.

Dr Prasad allegedly went on to squeeze either side of Ms A’s back and rub her shoulders in a massage-like manner.

Ms A said the examination “felt like forever” and there was no discussion afterwards about the doctor’s findings.

Ms A added: “I felt violated. I knew there was something wrong near the end of this examination but I couldn’t do anything about it because I didn’t want to alarm or upset my son.”

It is alleged Dr Prasad’s conduct during the examination in February 2005 was inappropriate and sexually motivated.

The hearing in Manchester is expected to last until May 15. (ANI)

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