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White tiger adopted by Tata Indicom in Bhopal’s National Park

Bhopal, May 6 (ANI): Tata Indicom has adopted a white tiger, an inhabitant of the Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal.
Ten-year-old Bhagat was adopted under the animal adoption project run by the park, on an annual basis by Indicom.

The initiative is an attempt by the park authorities to provide better facilities to its inmates through the money given by the companies.

Tata Indicom became the first company to have adopted three big cats including a lion, panther and the white tiger at the park.

“Tata Indicom has become the first company for Van Vihar which has adopted three big cats of the park, a lion, tiger and panther on annual basis. It is a good thing that corporates are also joining the project. The best part is that the animal has been adopted before it is put on display,” said S.S. Rajput, Director, Van Vihar National Park.

The adoption is an attempt by the Tata Indicom to do their bit in saving the species.

“This tiger has been adopted under the Tata Indicom corporate social responsibility under the ‘Save the Tiger’ initiative.  We have adopted a lion Inder, white tiger Bhagat and a panther Triga. This is an attempt to save the species and thus we have adopted the animal,” said Anil Verma, official, Tata Indicom.

Launched just four months back, the ‘Adopt An Animal’ project of Van Vihar has become quite successful with 13 inmates of the park already been adopted
by individuals and companies. (ANI)

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