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We All Are Dhritrashtra

Manpreet Singh Badal

Manpreet Singh Badal

The drama that is unfolding the in Punjab politics, the battle between heir apparent Sukhbir Singh Badal, and his cousin and Finance Minister Manpreet Badal, is indeed another modern version of Mahabharata, and the patriarch of Punjab politics is playing the role of Dhritrashtra. He has hit the sick bay and allowed the son to take over the mantle and to marshal the resources and the personnel to corner Manpreet Singh Badal, and suspend him from the party.

Every family in the country, still is not seeped into democratic traditions and when it comes between the choice of choosing righteousness and a successor (in the form of a son), it is the son who gets the endorsement and the righteous man is booted out. Mahabharata would not have been fought had righteousness been maintained.

The political parties of the country, though maintain a façade of being democratic, indeed are family fiefdoms where the satraps are forced to toe the family line so that the issue of succession and power remaining within the family is not questioned at all. First family of Punjab is also going through the same cataclysm and one wonders whether in the cross line of fire, the state would emerge victorious or not!

Prima facie the state appears to be a loser as all other states have introduced reforms to augment the income of the state, but Punjab still wishes to live in the subsidy era and harps about the fact that it is the grain bowl for the country. Indeed it is, but factor in the subsidy regime and the administrative price mechanism and extending the same kind of facility to another state, it would also provide same results.

It is high time the camouflage of subsidy that the farmers have been enjoying be done away with as it has been single handedly responsible for not encourage diversification. It also has been the primary reason for the control of the money lenders on Punjab economy. Where else could one have heard that a money lender shoots a farmer to recover, well it happened in Punjab.

What Manpreet Badal was trying to do was to take the state out of this rigmarole, but after he having shown the door would somebody else dare?

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