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Voting starts on a dull note in Golden Temple city

Amritsar, May 13 (ANI): Voting in the city of the Golden Temple started on a not so enthusiastic note on Wednesday in the fifth phase of general elections.

Polling started at 7 a.m, in the urban areas of Amritsar. A dull beginning notwithstanding, voting is likely to pick up later in the day.

People visiting the polling booth this morning said they were in favour of casting their vote, as it is every citizen’s privilege and right to do so.

Eighty five-year-old Kamla said she has been exercising her franchise for over 50 years.

Kamla said: “I have always voted, no matter even if I had to skip a meal to cast my precious vote.”

Sumeet Arora, a resident of the city, said: “More and more people should come out and cast their vote, as it is the way we can strengthen democracy.”

In the rural areas of Amritsar, comprising between 1200 to 1300 villages, the voters have not been as enthusiastic, at least till 11 a.m.  

In Amritsar, the electoral contest is between the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Navjot Singh Sidhu and Congress candidate Om Parkash Soni. There are 12 other candidates contesting the elections in the city.

Over 1.2 million voters  Amritsar would decide the fate of the contesting candidates.

The Punjab Police have made elaborate security arrangements to ensure that elections are held in a peaceful manner.  (ANI)

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