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Visually impaired kids perform adventure sports with ease

Barapatthar (Uttarakhand), July 2 (ANI): A group of visually challenged kids amazed everyone with their grit and determination when they performed activities like rock climbing, river crossing and trekking with apparent ease.

At a camp in Barapattar of Uttarakhand, the group of around 25 school kids showed real grit and determination as they overcame their fears to climb the rocks and perform river-.

The experience left the boys and girls on a high.

“I’m enjoying a lot. The instructors are good and are helping us a lot. They are guiding us at every step,” said Ramesh, a performer.

“The instructors and teachers are good and help us a lot. We did not face any difficulty in performing these activities,” said Sushma, another performer.The instructors had to take a little extra care while training the kids. But they lauded the enthusiasm shown by the boys and girls.

“We have to take extra care with them… The kids have shown excellent capability. It is through their efforts that they have been able to do it. We can only try and guide them. They have to make the effort… Their enthusiasm is worth praising,” said Jayanto Pal, instructor.

The exercises were aimed at providing the kids with a taste of adventure and give them an enjoyable experience just like other kids.

The exercise also instilled in them, confidence of overcoming their physical impediment and achieve something in life. (ANI)

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