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Villagers in Paithan in Maharashtra forced to purchase water

Paithan (Maharashtra), May 13 (ANI): Villagers in Paithan, a sub division district of Maharashtra, are forced to purchase water as the water crisis deepened in the region.

Villagers here are appalled that even when they live close to the Nathsagar dam, they have inadequate water supply.

The villagers alleged that the dam water is being supplied to Nanded, the village of state Chief Minister whereas residents in Paithan are spend rupees 50 to 60 per day for water.

“Even though our village is near to the dam of sub division district, Paithan, since the last two to three years, we are forced to buy water. Every day, we have to buy water costing 50-60 rupees. And the water of Paithan dam is going to Chief Minister’s village, Nanded. We have water shortage even when we are in the vicinity of the dam,” said Suresh Gaikwad, a villager.

The private and government water tankers have failed to provide adequate water supply to this region.

The officials say that since Paithan region doesn’t come under an irrigation project, people are bound to face some kind of water shortage.

“It is right that there is a dam in Paithan sub division district. Even a canal passes only through some areas of Paithan,” said AP Kohirkar, a superintending engineer. (ANI)

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