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Vice-President releases book focusing on questions of governance

New Delhi, May 13 (ANI): Vice-President Mohammad Hamid Ansari on Wednesday released a book titled “GovernMint in India-An Inside View” authored by T.S.R Subramanian here.

Addressing delegates at the function, Ansari highlighted the basic theme of the book which focuses particularly on the questions of governance.

“Despite the alphabetical jugglery in the title, the book is focused on questions of governance. This unquestionably is the most important challenge before us as a society. Every aspect of national life is affected by it; every citizen feels its impact on a daily basis,” Ansari said.

The book has compilation of eighty sets of short references on major themes of governance.

“The state of governance in the country is the subject of considerable debate. As a people blessed with incisive intellect, we have analysed our shortcomings with a fair degree of precision,” Ansari added.

Ansari said it is very important for all branches of government, the media, business and civil society to work simultaneously for development and reform of the country.

“Can the bureaucracy apply the pressure for reform? This is a laughable thought in the present context. The business community is irrelevant to the debate on this point. The media is interested in conflict and in ‘news’, they have no real interest in reforms. The judiciary indeed has the ability to force reforms. It is however highly unlikely that they will bestir themselves in this regard,” he said. (ANI)

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