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Valentine’s Day – The day the World celebrates Love

Valentine’s Day is something that everyone irrespective of whether you are young or old, single or married, looks forward to in February, to express the feeling of love to that special person who completes your life. There are many stories around the celebration of Valentine’s Day. But all are connected to St. Valentine. Catholic Church recognises three different saints by the name Valentine, all of whom were martyred. One of the popular ones is that, St Valentine was a priest in the third century under Roman Emperor Claudius 2, who had passed a law against marriages for young men, in the belief that single men made better soldiers. St. Valentine used to secretly perform marriage ceremonies for the young couples, for which he was jailed. Another version goes that in jail; before Valentine was executed, he wrote a letter to the jailor’s daughter that read “From your Valentine”, words that are very common today in the Valentine’s Day cards.

Whatever be the history of Valentine’s Day, Feb 14 means the day the world celebrates love by sending cards, flowers and gifts to the loved ones. It’s a day looked forward by lovers all over the world to express their feeling of love.

In many countries celebrating Valentine’s Day is considered as western culture and so have many objections. For example in Saudi Arabia, celebrating Valentine’s Day is considered as illegal. So people travel to the neighbouring countries to celebrate. India being a country that celebrates almost all the festivals in the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great zeal, especially by youngsters. After all Hindu mythology too has a lord for love Kamdev, like the Cupid.

It has not been a common trend to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the eastern countries. But with the internet and communication revolution it has become common to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In the fast moving world, where there is no time to spend with the people whom we love due to the busy schedule, all are in search for avenues to celebrate. That is why the day becomes the second largest card sending day of the year, second to Christmas. It becomes one of the few days in a year when you think of the whole purpose of life, the one person for whom the whole struggle is for. And what could be a better occasion than Valentine’s Day, to express the feelings of love.

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