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Tripura tribal woman’s effort to revive traditional weaving art

Agartala, May 23 (ANI): A tribal woman makes serious effort to revive the dying tribal art of loin loom weaving of ‘Chakma’ tribe in Tripura.

Traditionally, all tribal communities in Tripura have been weaving their cloth for their ethnic attires. They also make sheets, thin towels, dress material, carpets and carrying bags.

Realizing that the traditional art is being forgotten, Smriti Rekha Chakma, a tribal woman of Tripura is doing her best to bring the art to limelight again.

She had learn the art of making Chakma dress from her grandmother. She had set up a small training centre in the backyard of her home to teach others the indigenous method of making cloth using loin loom.

“I found that gradually the art of indigenous Chakma way of dress making is getting lost so I took the initiative to preserve it. I am giving training to those who are interested in learning the ethnic way of making our dress like …., khadi . And for this I was selected for the National Award for Excellence in Shawl weaving,” said Smriti Rekha.

Loin loom weaving among Chakma is called ‘Bein’ and weaving practice is known as ‘Bon-kada’.

Smriti Rekha wants to spread the rich heritage of ethnic Chakma textiles among the new generation. Today women of all age groups are coming to her centre to learn the art. Not only youth but even aged women who could not learn the art earlier due to lack of a trainer and training centre come to the centre.

“When I came to know about this training centre I contacted them and joined here. Now I am learning and am hopeful that after completion I shall be able to earn enough to be financially stable,” said Rani Chakma, a Trainee.

Today her woven cloth is in great demand and particularly during the festive and marriage season the price goes up.

Smiriti’s effort is not only to save the ethnic art but also to give employment to many. (ANI)

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