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Travel companies launch women-only packages

Even in these times of recession, women can be big spenders.

At a time when most people are cutting costs on leisure, travel companies are wooing women by offering special “women only” group tours and interestingly, women in rural India have taken to this rather keenly.

‘If madam wishes, she can pay just over Rs 50,000 to tour the Orient for ten days,’ say travel companies. That’s the trend now with many offers of value packages for single women.

Daniel’D Souza, Business Head, Group Series at SOTC, said, “Our research suggests that a lot of our customers were single women wanting to travel but afraid to do so alone, so we launched tour packages only for women—our target group being women aged 45 and above.”

Malaysia tourism has tied up with Mumbai-based Kesari travels and before anybody thinks this is an urban phenomenon, they say women in small towns and cities like Kolhapur and Nagpur are increasingly signing up. The travel companies say all this is not without business sense.

Manoharan, Director of Tourism Malaysia, said, “One of the reasons why we think this will work now is that when there are groups travelling we have tie ups with malls and hotels, which works out to be 30-40 per cent cheaper than on individual tours, so we can offer competitive prices.”

Well, if you are a woman looking for exotic, ethnic experiences, magnificent metropolitan ones, this one’s for you. A good way to beat the recession is to pool resources, travel in a group and pay less.

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