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Tibetan peace activists reach Dharamsala

Dharamsala, May 20 (ANI): After having spent almost one year in mountainous jungles and valleys to evade the Chinese authorities who were tracking them for being a part of the peace campaign of March-2008 in Lhasa, the five Tibetans finally made it to Dharamsala.

The five peace activists were critical of the Chinese rule in their homeland and presented a gruesome picture while addressing media persons at Dharamsala on Tuesday.

The press conference was hosted by the Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) of the Tibetan government-in-exile.

The five Tibetans- Gedun Gyatso, Kelsang Jinpa, Jamyang Jinpa, Lobsang Gyatso and Jigme Gyatso- had arrived on Sunday.

Gedun Gyatso and Kelsang Gyatso took part in the peace campaigns and anti-Chinese protest rallies in Sangchu County of Labrang on March 14, 2008 whereas, Jamyang Jinpa, Losang Gyatso and Jigme Gyatso spoke openly on April 9, 2008 before a visiting team of international media.

They had exposed the repressive policies of the Chinese authorities in Tibet and also about the pathetic state of Tibetans living under constant fear and intimidation.

“Chinese government is torturing, crushing and robbing Tibetan people. They ignore human rights and international journalists,” said Lobsang Gyatso.

“We appeal to the international community, journalists and human rights organisations that they should visit Tibet and see what is happening there and find out the real face of China,” he added.

Since March 10, 2008 the Tibetans people living inside Tibet have been expressing their strong indignation and pent-up resentment in the form of peaceful protests against what they term as the wrong policies of People’s Republic of China. (ANI)

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