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Thunderstorm in Bijnor damages raw mango crop

Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh), May 22 (ANI): A thunderstorm of high intensity in Bijnor has destroys raw mango crop in the orchards.

The mango growers, who were anticipating big profits from a bumper crop, are now counting their losses.

“We had to suffer high losses due to the thunderstorm that occurred. We are left with 30-35  per cent of the crop. Even if we try to sell this crop, we will be able to sell it for a meagre Rs. 2-2.50 per kg price,” said Brahampal Singh, manager of a mango orchard.

However, district officials claim the loss to be relatively less.

“It is natural that heavy losses were incurred due to the thunderstorm. In the initial phase, we estimate these losses to be 10 per cent,” said Pooja, district farm official, Bijnor.

The entire Northern Indian belt has been experiencing high velocity thunderstorms for the last two to three days. (ANI)

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