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Threats, extortion, attacks by militants affect life in Manipur

Imphal, July 17 (ANI): Threats, extortion and attacks by militants have affected the life of the common people in Manipur. The recent bomb attack at the residence of the director of the Fishery Department, Karam Sharat Kumar, has added to the atmosphere of uncertainty in the state.
The bomb exploded in the courtyard of the house of Kumar at Loklaobung Karam Leikai. Fortunately, no one was injured in the blast.
This is not the first time that Kumar’s house has been attacked. Last year, some militants fired several gunshots at his residence.

The recent attack has caused acute distress to the family.

“We live in tension. We cannot move around outside freely. This has created a fear. If we had been outside when the incident happened, we would have been hurt,” said K. Bidyapati Devi, Kumar’s wife.

The attack is believed to be a result of non-payment of extortion money demanded by militants from the Fishery Department.

Condemning the act, residents of Yumnam Leikai and the employees of the Fishery Department staged a sit-in protest at Loklaobung Karam Leikai as well as in the office premises of the Fishery Department at Lamphelpat.

“Such activities by militants have severely affected the development activities of the Department. Employees are demoralized. Since our department deals directly with the farmers, we need to go to the interior villages at times. So, there is always a sense of fear among the employees. Eighty per cent of employees are not able to work freely and properly due to the tension,” said S. Kumarnanda, fishery inspector.

S. Sanahanbi Devi, a social worker said, “We do not agree with what the militants are doing. They say they have come out to work for the people, but instead they are attacking the people by killing, abducting, throwing bombs, extorting and leaving many mothers and wives helpless. We condemn it and are totally against these actions by the militants.”

People in Manipur are facing many problems due to the uncertainties created by the militants.

But they seem to have had enough and are now coming out on the streets with the demand that they should be left alone and allowed to lead a normal and peaceful life. (ANI)

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