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Techies launch website on H1N1 flu

Citizens certainly feel it’s about time to create awareness about H1N1 flu. Three city-based techies have created a website providing information on H1N1 to fight the pandemic.

The voluntary website `’ received good response with nearly 60,000 visits and over 1,50,000 page-views (No. of times website has been opened) shortly after it was launched.

According to the techies, citizens should stay informed about H1N1 flu and take steps to prevent the disease from spreading. The website not only provides information but also shows useful items in search results.

The portal is interactive and allows people to coordinate and provide important information. The pages on `’ are built using simple HTML and CSS. So one can add more information to a page, simply modify the page and send it across.

Some important information one can get on the website include phone details of screening centres, address, cost of testing, procedure at testing centres and procedure to sanitize offices.

If one is looking for opinion on what the government should do or whether Tamiflu should really be used, then one can analyze the topics on `Discussions’ — a feature embedded with a well-known social networking website or any other forum. The contribution will be acknowledged in the credits page.

The best way to add information is to provide a link to a source such as the World Health Organization (WHO), ministry of health and family welfare, government health department websites and media websites.

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