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Tamil Nadu mango pulp industry is second largest in the country

Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu), June 5 (ANI):  The mango pulp industry in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu is the second largest exporter of pulp in the country, generate between rupees 400 to 500 crores of foreign exchange annually.

Krishnagiri district is also the second largest mango pulp producer in the country after Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh.

The National Horticultural Mission has already identified the potential in this region, and has identified Krishnagiri and Maharashtra for promoting mango cultivation.

Krishnagiri district accounts for the maximum mango production in the state, with nearly 36,000 earmarked denoted for the purpose.

The mango pulp is being exported to many countries, including UAE, European countries, Singapore and Malaysia.

“Here, we are producing around one lakh metric tons of mango pulp. Our district earns 400 to 500 crores every year from export of mango pulp,” said Madhavan, Managing Director, Paiyur Fruit Products Ltd, Krishnagiri.

These pulp units employ a large number of people. Workload at the production units increases during summers, when the pulp is in high demand.

“People who work here are happy because of the continuous production work for three months. People from other districts also come here because of the available employment opportunities and are happy to earn money,” said Mukila Devi, an employee.

Krishnagiri mango pulp has already created a niche for itself in the international market.

It is believed that the establishment of an Agricultural Export Zone (AEZ) would go a long way in marketing the products in the domestic and international market, thereby attracting foreign buyers to Krishnagiri.

Thirty per cent of the total mango pulp exported from the country is being extracted at the 45 mango pulp units in Krishnagiri region. (ANI)

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