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Stone crusher spells menace for Himachal farmers

Sangla (Himachal Pradesh), May 21 (ANI): Stone crusher being operated by a private hydropower Construction Company in Sangla valley of Himachal Pradesh is spelling menace for the farmers as the dust from the crusher is damaging plants and fruit crops.

The farmers have complained to the authorities a number of times but to no avail.
The farmers believe that the establishment of the crusher has seriously affected the flowering and hence the production of crops due to pollution.

“The Jaypee Company established a crusher and a mixing plant here. There is a lot of harmful dust that comes from these plants. This is effecting the flowering of the trees and the production of crops has been seriously effected,” said Bhisham Singh, a farmer.

Environmentalists believe that the pollution from the crusher is damaging not just the crops but also the environment of the place in general.

“It seems the project is spoiling the total environmental condition of this northern part. There are highly potential horticulture activities going on here like production of apple, apricots and others. This project is increasing the pollution and spoiling the total environmental condition,” said an environmentalist, R.Murthy.

The farmers believe that the stone crushers being operated here are not following the norms set by the mining and environment department. (ANI)

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